Beware Dangerous Emails – ‘immediate’ aspirin

21 May

Misleading information is sent out regarding Bayer Quick Release Crystals

There are several versions of an email circulating which state that Bayer Quick Release Crystals (powder) is suitable for use as ‘immediate’ aspirin in case of a suspected heart attack – it is NOT. These emails go on to suggest that the recipient forwards the email to ten of their contacts in order to ’save lives’. Bayer Extra Strength Quick Release Crystals contain much more aspirin than is required for use as ‘immediate’ aspirin and also contains 65mg of caffeine which can increase heart rate. This product has been withdrawn from the market but is still available on the internet. One can only surmise that these emails are circulated by stockists eager to sell their stock – at any cost – before it goes out of date. Bayer, the inventors of aspirin, confirm that Quick Release Crystals should NOT be used in cases of suspected heart attack in the FAQ section of their information website, see below.

Q. Can I use Bayer Quick Release Crystals at the onset of a heart attack?

A. No. This formula contains caffeine as an adjunct which aids in the action of the aspirin for pain relief. It has not been assessed for its appropriateness in treating a suspected heart attack, so it is not appropriate for cardiovascular use.“

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