Aspod and ‘Immediate’ aspirin saved my husband’s life.

15 Jan

Please note: The information both here and on our site is supplied by doctors, pharmacists and academics who routinely use the phrase ‘soluble aspirin’. In this context the phrase ‘dispersible’ aspirin has the same meaning. Generic soluble 300mg aspirin, for use in your Aspod, is available from all UK pharmacies.

The real life story of a woman whose quick actions saved her husband’s life

” I regularly watch ITV’s this morning programme. I always take notice of the medical sections of the programme and have found it interesting to see how promoting the use of certain products has saved people’s lives. I have always thought that these people seem to be very lucky to have seen these reports and be in the right place at the right time.  (more…)

The science behind immediate aspirin

10 Jan

The science behind immediate aspirin

A summary of the supporting evidence that immediate aspirin really can save lives.

There is strong evidence that aspirin, taken during a heart attack, can reduce the size of the thrombus (clot) causing the attack [1,2] and may even cause the platelets in the clot to disperse [3,4]. Aspirin also has effects on processes other than clotting [5,6], suggesting that if taken very early in an attack, the damage to the heart could be reduced and additional lives saved.

Patients known to be at risk of a heart attack, including all persons over about 50 years of age, would be well advised to carry a few tablets of soluble aspirin at all times, and chew and swallow a tablet immediately, if they experience severe chest pain, even as they are phoning 999. (more…)

It is now even more important than ever that YOU carry an Aspod containing ‘immediate’ aspirin!

21 Jul

Daily Mail headline

Heart attack? Wait longer for an ambulance:
Huge 999 shake-up means slower response times for millions

* Major overhaul of the 999 service will mean 8-minute response target scrapped

* Those who suffer heart attacks are now likely to have to wait 18 minutes for help

* In some cases, delay could be 40 minutes for those needing medical attention

Mail Online, Friday 14th July, 2017.

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20 Oct

October 2016: Dr Mark Porter met Peter Rothwell, Professor of Clinical Neurology at the University of Oxford, to discuss his important new findings relating to mini-strokes (TIA), strokes, heart attack and aspirin.


New heart attack test ‘could save women’s lives’

24 Jan

New heart attack test ‘could save women’s lives’

Doctors could spot twice as many heart attacks in women by using a newer, more sensitive blood test, a study claims.

The test looks for minute traces of a protein that signals that the heart muscle may have been damaged.

Standard tests still used by much of the NHS only detect higher levels of this protein, called troponin.

Research from the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh shows the standard test misses many cases of heart attack in women with symptoms like chest pain.

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Advice for Ramblers…

31 Jan

Advice for Ramblers…

We are pleased to announce that Aspod features in the first edition of Outdoor First Aid

The book is packed with good advice for administering first aid in remote settings and is essential reading for those outdoor enthusiasts.
Click the image to view a full size pdf.
Image of Outdoor First Aid book

Outdoor First Aid
Published by Pesda Press
Katherine Wills
ISBN: 978-1-906095-35-2

Another Recommendation from Dr Chris Steele

21 Jan

Another Recommendation from Dr Chris Steele

Aspod was once again recommended by Dr Chris Steele on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme. It is now the fourth time that Aspod has been featured.


What the experts say

31 Jul

What the experts say

This short video by explains the benefits of taking emergency aspirin and features the Aspod – a device for carrying your aspirin with you at all times.

Aspod inventor has written to health chiefs about the high level of heart disease and the proven benefits of carrying immediate aspirin.

20 Jun

Aspod inventor has written to health chiefs about the high level of heart disease and the proven benefits of carrying immediate aspirin.

Aspod inventor Tony Norris has written to health chiefs about the high level of heart disease and the benefits of carrying immediate aspirin.

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A last minute England goal may literally prove to be ‘heart stopping’

8 Jun

A last minute England goal may literally prove to be ‘heart stopping’

Research shows ‘Heart in the mouth’ moments during a big football match may literally put fans’ lives at risk.

Be prepared before the games; ensure you know what to do if the worst happens and keep an Aspod with you at all times.

Researchers studied the effects on German fans of watching their home team compete in the 2006 World Cup finals.
For men the risk of having a heart attack or another cardiovascular problem was three times higher on days when the German team was in action.
Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians University found that female fans had an 82% increased risk. (more…)

Beetroot juice and blood pressure – really!

11 May

UK research suggests that drinking 500ml of beetroot juice can significantly reduce blood pressure.

An interesting new report from Barts, the London School of Medicine and the Peninsula Medical School, found that in healthy volunteers blood pressure was reduced within an hour of drinking 500ml of beetroot juice!
For more information, follow this link:

ASPOD helped save my life!

19 Apr

A letter from a reader who benefited from having aspirin close to hand during a heart attack.

When I recently had a mild heart attack I chewed a 300mg aspirin from my ASPOD and feel sure that together with the GTN spray I had helped to relieve symptoms gradually as I waited for the ambulance. I informed the ambulance and medical staff at the hospital and they nodded approval but were busy making me comfortable, but it was one less thing they needed to give me. I’ve also told quite a few of my family and friends particularly my son who is an ambulance driver, and all were really impressed by your product. I will certainly keep my ASPOD by me at all times and continue to tell anyone I know about the importance of having the ASPOD to hand.

Mrs A.M